My Family

My Family
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Mothers Fuel

  My last blog got hacked into so I started a new one. I don't have time to do a whole bunch to this, like adding pictures and such so I am just beginning again as I find the time.

   I was just thinking about what fuels a Mommy, what keeps her going? That is actually an easy answer. I was thinking of all I did, and what all Mommy's do around the world. I don't dig ditches for a living or roof houses, but at night I am very tired.
Last night after I put my kids to bed, I was thinking about what all I do as a Mommy, I work as a maid, a baby sitter, a cook, a maid, a referee, a trainer (of potty that is), a maid, a go-for, a comforter, a councilor, a play mate, a maid, a nurse, a handyman, a story teller, a body guard, a cow, a coach, and last but not least...a servant.  At least 12 hours a day, plus on call duty all night. And I get up with a crying kid at least twice a night every-night. Usually more. What fuels a Mommy to keep going like that? I wouldn't put up with those kind of hours at any other job.
  I smile thinking of the answer to that question.
-Because it is FUN! Yes, I said fun. It is wonderful! It's rewarding and at bed times when I drop in bed exhausted,  I am happy, content. Why? A continual job that never ends? No sick days? Like yesterday, I had a tummy bug and weak all day. Yet, I love my job. Because this job is different then any other job in the world,
 The answer to that is,  it's a LABOR of LOVE And there is no love like a Mothers love. Today I am thankful to have the privilege to be a Mommy. Being a Mother is, well, there are no words for it! It is a gift from God. A precious blessing.
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  1. Thank you for taking care of my little girls. I love you