My Family

My Family
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Third Time I Found Out I Was Pregnant

   I had already been suspecting it for over a week. There was a change in my body and it just felt different, my body heat was higher and I had body aches that sort of felt like growing pains. It really wasn't time to take the test yet but I took it anyways. Patience is not a grand virtue of mine.
   After I took it I walked to the kitchen and tried not to think about it too much. I was waiting for Nubun to tell me whether or not the second line had appeared. Since I got to see the results of Evie and Jasmine's pregnancy test first in the past Nubun asked me if this time he could look at the results first.  I sat down and Nubun came up to me.
  "I'm sorry hun, but there is only one line. I still think you are pregnant though it's just too soon to tell just yet." He hugged me as I felt two big ole tears well up in my eyes. Throughout that Saturday I would go back to the test, look at it straining my eyes to see if another pink line had magically appeared. Finally after a few hours of feeling silly I tossed it in the trash. Two days later I took another one and Nubun said the same thing. Once again a obsessed with the test, staring at it this way and that, twisting it in different directions in the light. Aha! I saw a faint white line. Yes. I said white. But it was a line nonetheless. I put the test down and didn't look at it again for several hours.  After Nubun had gone to work that day and I was giving the girls their bath I just had this feeling, a peace in my heart, I wasn't crazy I WAS pregnant and I knew it! I silently thanked the Lord for His blessing. That night before going to bed I happened to glance at the test one more time. I blinked. There in the results window there had appeared a very faint second PINK line. Now I know you are not suppose to read results after ten minutes but it really didn't matter, I already knew.
   I went to bed that night with a big ole smile plastered on my face, and joy in my heart. The next day I took another test, and again the day after next. Both times the second line was very very faint, to see it you had to look very close and use some imagination.  I felt very frustrated and silly all at the same time.
  That day was beautiful outside, it was white with ice and snow, we had ran out of tests so Nubun got in our Lexus and headed off to buy ONE MORE TEST. As soon as he got back home I took it.
  "Well?" I asked Nubun. He looked at me trying to not smile. "It is the same" he said "It is just too fainted to tell. You just aren't pregnant."
  I frowned. "It is called 'faint' not 'fainted'! Now let me see it!"
  "No!" he said and started to run away. I was quick though and snatched it out of his hand, then he was chasing me around the house. When I would lift up the test to see the results window he would grab my arm and start shaking it to where my eyes couldn't focus.
  "Nubun! Stop it!" I laughed and finally got a clear view of the second pink line.
  I smiled.
 Although I already knew it felt real good to finally get some proof. We hugged each other and thanked the Lord for our newest tiniest little member of our family.
   It doesn't matter if you are finding out for the first time, the third time, or the twenty third time each and every pregnancy and baby special and unique in it's own way.

  Thank the Lord!! What a blessing!!  We are due October 12.


  1. :) So very, very happy for you both!

  2. Awesome! Congratulations, guys!!