My Family

My Family
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Banana Pancakes--Tuesdays Tummy Yummys


One of my new years resolutions was to start cooking different things and to think outside the traditional box. So today I became the proud chef of homemade banana pancakes! Glutton free and sugar free and oh so so so good!  And no,  am not going to be doing this every Tuesday. I love to eat food ~~ not write about it.
 So here is the post I said I'd never write. A food recipe! But this was so good I just had to share. Here are the ingredients. 

Makes 3 small pancakes.
 1 banana
 1 egg
 Half a cup of almonds
 A tablespoon of coconut oil
 Dash of cinnamon
 Dash of salt
 A little 3 year old helper

That's it!
Beat the egg with a fork. Smash the bananas with the same fork. (Hey! Why wash 2 forks?) Grind the almonds with a coffee grinder or whatever you want. 

   Then mix it all together in a bowl, except the coconut oil, put that in the skillet on the lowest setting, coconut oil burns really fast.

                                         Then just cook it like you would regular pancakes.

                                               Drizzle a little bit of honey and Whah-Lah! 

The girls both LOVED IT! Jasmine ate one whole pancake, that's a lot nowadays for my sick little girl.

                                                    Evie got mad when I took a bite of hers.

                                   Aaaaah. Success.  My new favorite pancake! Hands down....

Afterwards we felt so full and yummy and the weather was so nice we took a walk in the neighborhood. Jasmine walked for like 2 minutes then I held her AND Coco the rest of the walk.  At least we got our vitamin D fix.

  Here is when we were crossing the street I had both girls grab a hold of my skirt  so I could still have my hands free, well one hand at least, the other hand was holding the baby.

   The best part of my day was when Nubun came home and Evie climbed up in his lap and said: "Mommy made some yummy YUMMY pancakes! Ummmm mmmm mmmm!" 
                 AND I DIDN'T EVEN TELL HER TOO!
 And to end this ~here is a banana joke.  Come on! Everybody likes a cheesy joke.  It makes them feel smart. 
                     Why did the banana go out with the prune? Because he couldn’t find a date.

Good night!

Friday, February 17, 2012


                                                              Dad and I in 1994

     When I get to missing my Dad and I start to get down in the dumps I remember the fun times we had as a family and think of memories that make me smile. This memory definitely does that.       One of my favorite trips of all times was when my sister Damara and her husband James rented a large 12 passenger van in September of 2001 and we went on an adventurous road trip to Washington DC. Mom and Dad, Sarah, Nathan, and of course Tiffany and Jared went too.

                                                  The day before 9/11 hapened.

     One night it was getting really late and we were all ready to get a hotel room and go to sleep. We were having trouble finding the right one, you'd have to know my Dad to understand. My Dad absolutely LOVED a bargain, and couldn't stand to pay much for anything so when we saw this little cheap looking hotel we stopped and Dad and I went in to ask the price and check it out.

   I was 21 yrs old but of course that still embarrassed me. Everybody else waited in the van.
  The price was right but Dad wanted to see a room to make sure the rooms were clean. The man behind the counter just grabbed a set of keys and handed it too us.
   "Go ahead."
    So Dad and I went outside and looked for that specific room number. Aaah! We found it and I put the key in and unlocked the door as it was opening I could see inside the dark room and the floor was littered with trash and there were two big lumps in the bed.     My heart jumped to my throat when I noticed the lumps were moving and ....talking!    "What is..."  
    I immediately stepped back and tried to close the door but Dad was standing there, he didn't know! I didn't have time to explain and I was too freaked out to use my voice so I just pushed him back with both my hands, and quickly closed the door.
   "Somebody is in there!"  I whispered in a breathless rush.
    My Dad didn't say a word he just turned around and sprinted! I was left in the dust, I quickly tried to take the keys out of the door and I could hear movement and footsteps on the other side of it.    I panicked!    Finally the keys were out and I turned around to leave, Dad was about 5 miles away all that was left of him was the sound of his far off footsteps. I got two giant steps away when the door swung open loudly and a huge football player looking guy stepped out.   "What is going on!" he said it in a rough angry voice and it was more of an accusation than a question.    My throat went dry and my ears burned with embarrassment. I stopped in my tracks and turned around. My tongue felt heavy, and I was wishing my Dad hadn't turned yellow and ran, my Dad, my hero. Fathers day was only 9 months away and I was not going to forget this!   I murmured my explanation and before the man could open his mouth to say anything I apologized and high tailed it.  As I was rounding the corner to the office I imagined shadows following me, was it the not-so-jolly green giant? Dad was already in the van and I just tossed the key on the counter and hollered as I was leaving. "There are people in that room!"    Dad was in the car and they were backing out. I jumped in and we left needless to say we did NOT stay at that motel.    One thing good about times like those, they make extra good stories to tell and as the years go by, the stories get funnier and I cherish them even more with each time they are told.

                             This was a picture we took at my uncles house near Washington.
                                    Yep. That is my Dad, he was a fun kinda guy!

                Here is Dad checking out the gym in one of the hotels we were at.
                         You can see Damara taking the picture in the mirror.

                  Breakfast at a hotel on that trip--not THAT motel.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Common Comments That Pregnant Women Get.

These are popular comments most pregnant women get. I have certainly been told all of these, at some point in time. Now that I'm not pregnant anymore it cracks me up!



-Enjoy your nights while you can cause you'll never sleep again.
-Enjoy your freedom now go out on a date!


-When is your due date? Do you think you're going to make it?
-Are you having twins? You sure?
-Did you swallow a watermelon? Whale?  Walrus?
-Oh my! That's one BIG baby!
-Are you sure they got your due date right?


-You're pregnant AGAIN.? Don't you know how that happens?
-Boy! You sure are busy!


-You are having a boy/girl -I can tell by the shape of your belly.
-October? My birthday (son's birthday, uncle Joes birthday, my dry cleaners great aunts anniversary) is just 5 days earlier, maybe you'll go early!
-How much weight have you gained?
-Do you want a boy or a girl?
-You drank the water didn't you?

WHEN YOU GO PAST YOUR DUE DATE:  (my favorite category)

-You look like you're about ready to burst!
-You haven't popped yet?
-You still here?
-How long are they going to LET you go overdue?
-You look miserable!
-You poor dear.


-You sure you don't have another one stuck in there?
-When are you due?
-You know you can wear control top pantyhose for that.


-Here, you want a chocolate bar? I have two.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What A Gentle Beginning means to Me

  When I chose Gentle Beginnings birth center as the ideal place and environment to birth my baby, it did not occur to me that the name had a lot to do with the way the birth center and their midwives treated their littlest patients.  After having my baby there I understand now.

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee...
~ Jeremiah 1:5

  When a baby has just been born it has never been away from his/her Mommy, never been touched before, never seen a bright light and never felt cold. Everything a new baby goes through right after birth is miraculous and amazing. It is also a lot that the little one has to adjust to. I consider it cruel to immediately take them away from the Mother for reasons that could afford to wait.
  At the hospital where I birthed my two older daughters they treated my new healthy babies like emergencies, like an accident waiting to happen!
   They came out, was literally plopped on my belly for no more than 60 seconds, so that I could see them. Then their umbilical cord was immediately cut, leaving behind up to 25% of their necessary blood and nutrients still in the placenta. That in itself is a shock to their system. Then they were picked up and placed under a heated little table where they start to give them a shot,  poke their little foot to get blood, they got gel placed in their eyes, and flopped around while the nurses rubbed them roughly trying to get all the blood and vernix off of them as if it is something highly dangerous and contagious. They weighed them and measured them and got their footprints immediately. Why is that so important mere minutes after birth I wonder?

   I lay watching from a distance helplessly stuck to my hospital bed. I watched the whole process knowing that something was not right about it, something  was just wrong and my arms ached to hold my baby. MY baby! The whole time my sweet little girl was screaming and upset, and all I could do was raise my voice and speak sweetly to her hoping that at least she could hear something familiar and be comforted from it but there were loud machines, loud people and distracting bright lights and too much distance between us. She was too upset and too busy being man-handled to hear me.
I tear up thinking about it.
I truly believe that she cried because she was scared.
   She had just taken her first breath and what a cruel world she comes upon, being treated like a second rate human. She was new and did not understand what was going on but my precious little baby was not second rate.
  After a while she was once again taken far from her Mommy, down to the nursery, where she got her first bath and was scrubbed clean from any remaining offensive vernix or blood, and they scrubbed her new delicate little skin as if she were an iron skillet! My baby screamed the whole bath only stopping to gasp in shock as bitter tasting soapy water drips down in her  little eyes, nose and mouth. Yes, I've tasted baby soap, it's nasty.
   You would NEVER see a new Mom or Dad handle their squishy little helpless newborn like that!
  What is sad is that this is the norm, it is the average treatment of a healthy newborn hospital baby.
Sure, my babies 'survived' and don't seem to be permanently damaged because of it but who wants to 'just' survive? Nobody! Why not treat the new one with common kindness that we show to each other as adults?
  At Gentle Beginnings as soon as my baby was born she was immediately placed in my arms, on my chest skin to skin. Her little face was right next to my heart beat. Where it had been for 9 months.
She could hear my voice and got nothing but gentle hugs and kisses from me. Our midwife checked her up and down all the while I was holding and loving on her. Neither my baby nor I even noticed she was there. We were in a sweet little world of our own!
  It was a loving, sweet, warm, candle lit and quiet atmosphere she was introduced to. It was a calm yet a very joyous time for all of us.

   I was the first one she heard, saw, felt. It was a comfort to her, since her little body was still learning to breath and get adjusted to wide open spaces she was introduced into that in the most gentle, calm and soothing way possible, by the one who loved her the most.
   After a few moments of a sweet welcome to this world she was lovingly placed on my chest to nurse. Which was another natural comfort for her.  She ate as much as she wanted for as long as she needed. When the placenta had expelled all it's blood, iron, oxygen and vital nutrients it stopped pulsating and then, and only then did they cut her cord.
  After a while my baby and I settled down into the warm and soothing herbal bath. Where I held my baby in the warm water softly swaying her back and forth, while my husband reached over into the tub and gently massaged his daughters little scalp with a soft baby brush. It was so soothing to her that her eyes started to droop and she calmly fell asleep in my arms, contented and happy.

When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet.
~ Prov. 3:24 from KJV


She never cried or complained, because we gave her nothing to be upset about.

   When I had to get some stitches and get 'fixed' up, or when I went to the restroom my baby was safe in her Daddy's arms, receiving cuddles, kisses and coos from him. She never was placed in a plastic tub, heated lamp or behind a glass window, she was warmed by her Daddy's body heat, or my own with no glass wall between us.
  After her gentle introduction to the world we laid  her down on the bed and the midwife very tenderly checked her vitals, her length, weight and etc. Her Daddy and I are right there watching and enjoying it all. It was a fun and sweet celebration! No blood is drawn, she was not an emergency. Blood works could wait at least a couple of days. She didn't cry or get upset because she was treated like a first class citizen, made of flesh and blood, that had real human feelings and fears. Like the precious jewel that she was!

   That night we went home and enjoyed the comfort of our own bed, surrounded by the sounds and routines we were both used to, and slept. It was a deep and healing rest that can not be had if it weren't for a sweet and loving GENTLE beginning.
    A gentle beginning is the best birthday gift my baby could ever get. It will always be a place and a time in my life that when I look back on it I will always have that soft glow in my eyes and a contented sigh on my lips. No matter how big my baby will get I will always hug her close to my heart beat and with sweet memories I'll cherish our first gentle moments together, and whisper a prayer of thanksgiving for that little unforgetable blessing, a moment and a memory that will forever be engraved in my heart.

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb...
~Psalms 127:3
I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
~ Psalm 139:14 from KJV