My Family

My Family
-Cozumel 2014

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


     Where's My Coffee?!!?

   Last night after we did our nightly routine of reading books, singing and praying I headed off to my bed with the baby in my arms. 
   Evie stops us and starts begging me to let Colleen sleep with her.
"I want Colleen to sleep with me! Please! I won't wake her up I promise! Please let Colleen sleep with me." I look over at Nubun then shrugged my shoulders. 
"Ok" I said. 
    So I did, but OF COURSE Mama comes with the package. I made pallets all over our living room floor and we all bunked down. (my queen size bed just ain't big enough!) 
  After an hour I look at the clock and sigh, all 3 girls were zonked out, but  I am wide awake, uncomfortable, spoiled to my Tempurpedic. I twist and turn, stuffing pillows here and there, trying to get comfortable. Nothing helped so I ignored the nagging guilt feeling I had in my throat and I sneak Coco and myself to my bed and immediately fall sweetly to sleep.
   About an hour later somebody comes bursting through the door, crying with a broken heart that we left them, alone, on the living room floor?
  I was nursing Colleen so Nubun gets up and and picks her up and lays her down on his side of the bed and he goes to sleep with the other one in the living room. 
  I thought it was Evie so I fell back to sleep only to be awaken with both girls in my bed wailing! 
  I look over and and Colleen had a foot in her face! 
  Then I squinted my eyes and that's when I notice it was Jasmine not Evie! Oh no! Jasmine is dangerous to sleep with! She's like a propeller! Going around and around all night long, that's just how she sleeps, well on one of her 'rounds' one of her feet land on the baby!  
  I scoop my 10 month old up in my arms and nurse her back to sleep and I love on Jasmine by playing with her hair and wiping the tears off her cheek. They both fell back to sleep and I quickly take Jasmine back to the pallet in the living room. Then I crawl back in my comfy warm bed, Coco had scooted herself towards my side looking for me so I had about 6 inches of space left to sleep with. I lay on my side, halfway hanging over the side of the bed, in the air. 
    I close my eyes. 
    An hour (or so) later I suddenly wake up and as I open my eyes I see Evie standing there, looking at me.
  "Mommy." she whispered "why did you come in here?"
 So I get up and put her in bed with me. At least she stays still while she sleeps. A few hours later Jasmine is back because I feel the bed move and I see a little bottom sticking up in the air at the foot of the bed.  So I get up and walk over to her and lean down close to her face to see if she was sleeping, she was so I left her alone and while stretching my mouth in the biggest yawn I walk  to the kitchen to get a drink of water and as I pass the living room floor I see a lonely dark figure sleeping across all 4 pallets. 
  I cover up my sweet husband and kiss his whisker-y cheek. 
    Whoever doubts that life with a quiver full of little kids isn't a daily adventure obviously needs to hang around my house for a couple of days, we RULE when it comes to adventure and drama!   (mainly drama of course ha)
  Excuse me now while I go drink my strawberry juice with a double dose of vitamin B, and a large cup of hot coffee, I hear somebody waking up now and I wonder what new adventures awaits us today? 

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