My Family

My Family
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Reliving and living my life with you. To: Nubun

Life with you has been fun.  Since the moment I said "I Do" through thick or thin, till the day I die.
   We don't always agree on things, butter being one, and a million other things but there must be something to us because We seem to like each other, we always want to be together and laughing with you is like medicine to my heart. I like to be in the same room with you, even if we don't talk, just having your presence near me is sweet, it's the calming essence to my life. I like you, I love you and I always want more of you.     You are a planner, and I'd love to recount each anniversary I've had with you. Starting with our honeymoon.

   What a wonderful wedding we had! From the moment I walked down the aisle to stepping into our horse and carriage and riding off into the rest of our lives!       
   Then the honeymoon was waiting for us, 4 amazing days at the Holiday Inn right around the corner, our first midnight together we ate at Waffle House and I remember I felt like it was all laid out to perfection just for us, the honeymooners! The chef was entertaining, the waitress was sweet and jolly, the food was amazing and the air was thick with romance! 
   We felt so privileged to be able to park  in the parking spot closest to the hotel door.  Ah! The rosy atmosphere, we thought the world revolved around us. What a dream we were living! Then we woke up the next morning and saw the sign in front of our parking spot. 
  "Bird dropping zone"  And as we looked and laughed at our white spotted car we knew why that spot had been  empty.   

    We went to the Japanese gardens and there was a festival going on that weekend there, JUST FOR US! Or at least that's how I envisioned it. We ate at the gardens, I had almond chicken with mashed potatoes, you had tortilla soup. It was cool outside and the air was crisp and tingling with adventure!    The next day we went to church as husband and wife and that was the first time I was privileged to say: "This is my HUSBAND Nubun" it almost put me in shock how overwhelming those two words were!  " husband"   I was proud, happy and excited to try out my new toy, marriage. Then we went to the mall where we bought supplies for our next honeymoon adventure! HAWAII!!!    I remember Nathan took us to the airport and I was so shy with him because he kept on teasing me how I was now an "old married woman"

at the Airport
     The ride over there was fun, a layover in Utah proved a beautiful site. Then we arrived at our destination. I hogged the window to gaze and googoo eye at the ocean and beaches down below as we were landing. I giggled with glee and clapped my hands in anticipation. As we stepped out of the airplane hand in hand I felt the warm sunshine on my face, the wind playing with my hair and I could smell salt in the air. I couldn't wait to bury my toes in the sand! 
    The next 9 days were like a dream! I loved the rice, spam and eggs we had for our  breakfast. I loved our tours with our funny tour guide 'cousin Danny', I loved walking at night times through the heart of Honolulu and seeing all the excitement around us! I loved our expensive bike ride, all the amazing food, the mountain hike, the Wai Mei Falls,  the candy cane and the international market place and oh so much more!

Wai Mei Falls
    Every single glorious morning we were there the first thing we would do after breakfast was go to a lei stand where you'd buy me a fresh lei every single morning and place it around my neck. I'd wear the lei all day long, and sniff its rich exotic perfume everywhere we went. 

my lei
  If I had to pick a favorite moment from our honeymoon it would be when we slow danced together in the Polynesian Cultural  Center.

At the Polynisean Cultural Center
 I had never danced (I am a conservative Christian, I don't dance!) before and neither had you, but it was a sweet moment in our life and I can't remember it without getting tears in my eyes.  I had my head on your shoulder and the whole world around us got fuzzy as we slowly glided back and forth to the calm sound of the banjo playing in the background.     

By far the most exciting adventure was the kayak trip, oh man! That was the kind of adventure I'd been waiting for all my life! Do you remember the birds that were nesting there on that island?

 They only came to shore once a year to nest and I felt so special and privileged that they just happened to come when we were there! I felt like it was a special gift just for us in honor of our new life together! The lunch we had was a chicken sandwich and canned green tea, man! It was good food, especially since we were so hungry.   Even when our kayak tipped over with both of us in it, well, that was pretty cool.   

   The next day after our kayak trip we were so sore and tired we just wondered around and had a lovely low key day. We went to the beach and jumped over the waves. Can you remember it? It was cool outside, we had to wear a jacket to the beach then we took it off right before going swimming. We waded over to that little rock wall and we jumped the waves, we tried not to touch that rock wall because it had tiny little seashells that would leave little paper cut kind of marks all over our hands!

the rock wall
 Can you remember the cool air on our face, the warm water all around us and the taste of salt on our lips, and the sting of the ocean water dripping in our eyes? ah! To relive that moment! Priceless!     Then we walked around town and enjoyed the sites, just like we did every single day we were there.  

 The 6am trip to Hanauma Bay was so exciting! The water was freezing, but we were the first ones there and so it was also clear and the colorful fish were in abundance!

Hanauma Bay
     I apologies 7 years later for freaking out about the sea turtle and pushing you towards him while I tried to escape with my life! If it makes you feel any better the mouthful of sea water I swallowed while screaming under water was utterly disgusting. After an hour and a half of near hyperthermia we got out and headed on to our submarine adventure.

I was worried I wouldn't make the whole hour under water without having to use the restroom but I did. It was fun wasn't it!? After the submarine that day we went to the jewelry store and you bought some bracelets and a nice picture frame. We had a couple of hours rest after that, then we went on a dinner cruise.    

 Woh!  What an adventure!  When we first climbed on that boat they greeted us with a tray full of stuff cool looking cups of punch.   As I was reaching for a cup of the bright red stuff she asked me if I wanted the spiked one or the regular.   "No!" I exclaimed.  "I don't drink alcohol."   So she pointed to the 'safe' cups and I grabbed two. I walked over to where you were by the rales. The boat was flopping up and down, up and down with the waves. My tummy started feeling queasy and I was thirsty so I took a sip of my punch. I frowned and turned around and looked at the lady holding the tray of drinks. 
 "Nubun" I said: "I think these have been sitting in the sun too long, they taste spoiled." 
 You looked at yours, tasted it then gulped it down.
 "Mine tastes real good." 
 "Oh" I said and continued to sip my spoiled punch. It settled my upset tummy and made me feel better almost instantly. Weird. I drank half of it and after a while you grabbed my cup and said that since I didn't want it you'd drink it. You took a big sip of it and spit it out over the rail.   
 "Andrea! This is alcohol!"   
  Ooooooh... So THAT'S what alcohol taste like.   That little bit of spiked punch settled my sea sickness and your little sip made you sick! I remember eating, and watching the night time fireworks sitting down on the wood planks with your head laying in my lap. You only got up to lose more of your stomach contents then you came back to lay down. Your eyes were closed in misery so you didn't get to see any of the beautiful Honolulu fireworks. I felt so sorry for you, my brand new husband! be continued. 

    I wish I had time to finish this now but there is so much to our wonderful honeymoon memories I do not want to rush it. I will continue every week till I am done documenting our precious memories.   Happy Anniversary Nubun, it's been a wonderful ride. The past 7 years have been my greatest yet. I look forward to every year God blesses me with you. 
  I love you.

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