My Family

My Family
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Second Time I Found Out I Was Pregnant

The Second Time I Found Out I Was Pregnant:

   I will get back to finish my birth story that I started about Evie, but right now I wanted to tell about when I found out I was expecting Jasmine. 
    I think when it is time for me to get ready for a baby God puts in my heart the ‘baby fever’, because both times I have been pregnant I started out with a bad case of the baby fever. Well, when Evie was around 10 months old I started longing to fill my arms with a newborn again. And when Evie was 11 months old I bought a pregnancy test and took it in due time. I waited in the bathroom for several minutes for the second red line to appear and it didn’t. I waited a couple more days and took it again, again it was a negative. Nubun had already said he thought I was pregnant because I was a tad bit grouchy, but after 3 failed tests Nubun started doubting.
   I gave up.  ‘Next month’ I told myself but after a few more days I knew my body was different and I went out to the Dollar Tree store with a friend of mine and I bought another test. I felt foolish, even silly but I just had to take one more test! It had been 10 days since I took the first one.  I got home and put Evie in her high chair and fed her a snack, and while she was eating her noodles, I took it.

 Then I tended to my baby and almost forgot about it. I picked it up casually, fully expecting to see only one red line. There were two lines!! I literally rubbed my eyes and looked at it again, yes! Two lines!! My heart skipped a beat. I felt the full impact of what that meant, I was having a baby! And my first pregnancy was full of doubt and disbelief that something THAT good could happen to me, but since it already did, I knew that it WAS possible for me to get pregnant and have a baby. So I didn’t have the shock and disbelief feelings running around in my head so I could fully appreciate the fact that I had just found out I was pregnant! I wished I could call Nubun at the time but he was at work, in a lab, so I just had to wait. And then the longer I thought about it this little idea was forming in my head. I went to Wal-mart and bought one last test, just in case that one had been a fluke. While I was there my excitement started overcoming me till I almost got dizzy. I got home and after that second line appeared I wrapped it up in pretty wrapping paper along side a pretty little newborn blue outfit (I just knew it was going to be a boy). That was a Friday evening. Next Tuesday was our fourth anniversary and I was going to give it to Nubun as a gift. Boy! That would have been fun, except for the fact that I have no patience. I underestimated the power of my secret teller. I always loved telling Nubun juicy secrets and there was nothing juicier then the fact that his wife was pregnant again. So I went to bed that night trembling with anticipation, I wanted to tell him sooooo bad!
    I remember that Friday night, I looked down at my sweet little 11 month old and I started to panic for her. She was still so tiny and she had never been away from her Mommy ever in her life. I was going to be in the hospital for a few days and what was Evie going to do? Who was going to take care of her? I cried, I panicked and cried some more.  Now I look back and think about how foolish I was God worked it out perfectly!
   That next Saturday we went out to eat then when we came back home I couldn’t handle this gigantic secret lurking inside me.
Nubun looked at me funny like. “It is not our anniversary yet.”
“I don’t care! Here it is.” And I handed him the box, but he refused to open it. I found out later he thought it was an Iphone, and he didn’t want me to be disappointed because I couldn’t wait till our actual anniversary day.
  I insisted till I almost got angry. Ok. He slowly opened it in front of me; I was sitting on the floor smiling from ear to ear in anticipation. So was he, he REALLY wanted an Iphone. When he came to the positive pregnancy test. He looked at it confused then asked me: “Who took this?”
Well, duh!
   I clapped my hands with excitement. “I’m pregnant!”
Then I reached up and hugged him, we held each other tight, and I will never forget that, he smelled like Irish Spring soap and T-Gel shampoo. I will never forget it because it made me nauseated.
   For my gift he gave me a surprise vacation to Akumal, Mexico. It was the very BEST gift I had ever received but it still couldn’t top mine!
                                            On our anniversary vacation.
  Every new life is a blessing, whether it is finding out you are pregnant or going to adopt a little one, they are all unique, beautiful and special in their own way.

    After I tell Evie’s birth story I will tell Jasmine, they are both so beautiful!  Then again, they ARE my babies so of course I would think that. Well, I better feed my babies now, and soon I will get on with my birth stories.

                                      I was already showing here at only 6 weeks!

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