My Family

My Family
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Parenting Skills and Thrills. Making Memories

Parenting Skills and Thrills.
Making Memories
Part 1

   It is so much fun to be a parent. Everybody said to enjoy this stage of young toddlers and kids, and so Nubun and I have, very much so! It is an easy thing to do when you have a little two year old who says: “Thank You!” every time I ask her to pick up her toys, or hang up her clothes. She says: “Thank you” every time I tell her I love her, or give her a kiss or a hug. And sweet little Jasmine wakes up in the morning and just coos and plays with her toes, and when I lift her up out of her crib she lays her sweet little fuzzy head on my shoulder and pats my back.  Today I gave her a sippy cup with homemade apple juice and she said: For the first time: “Te Te” her version of ‘Thank you’
    Last night there was a snow and sleet storm with very high winds and Evie was scared and came running to our room, and in her sweetest, and cutest little voice she said; “Mommy, I’m scared!” So Nubun held out his arms and I handed her to him. Such a precious moment!  I lied down in bed and got comfortable. It wasn’t but a few measly seconds before Evie was off her Daddy’s chest and on mine. She kept on moving and twisting and turning.
 “She can’t get comfortable” I hear Nubun’s voice in the dark.
“Nope, it’s not that, she is just too excited to settle down, she has a smile from ear to ear plastered to her face”
And so the next 45 minutes continued in like manner. She used me like a jungle gym, climbing all over me, and sticking her face in my face. I couldn’t sleep, Nubun was snoring softly and every time I opened my eyes her little eyes were less then three inches away and she never quit smiling!  I got tears in mine. I was tired, and worn out; I’m one of those people that need 8 and half hours of sleep each night to function properly the next day. But I knew that years from now I wouldn’t look back and remember how tired I was that night, but I will remember my little girl’s sweet face smiling at me just for the privilege of being with Mommy and Daddy.

   Nubun felt sorry for me so he went to her room and lied down in her bed with her and they both fell fast asleep in each others arms. I have a truly unique and caring husband!
   I went back to my bed and watched them in the monitor for a while and thought about the Bible study I had just had a few hours ago. How a lot of the blessings we pray for, and get, end up being our struggle in life and just a lot of hard work! And I have decided to concentrate on the blessings I have, and not concentrate on complaining because of the hard work they cause.

   My Mother is an amazing parent and woman; she is rarer then diamonds and rubies. She is more beautiful then a morning glory. Growing up she made my life rich with precious memories. One of them comes to my mind right now.
   When I was 19 and it was just mere days before I would fly the nest and leave home for good she asked me if I wanted to go to a coffee shop with her. It was later then usual for us to get out. But making special memories sometimes comes at the cost of getting out of your comfort zone and strict schedule and doing something out of the ordinary.
   So it was dark and we went down town to a coffee shop. We sat down at the only little table in the tiny little shop and we drank a cup of coffee each and shared a slice of cake. We talked and laughed as people would pass by us on the streets, cars were honking and the night crowd was making its usual noise but we were in our own girlie world, enjoying a Mother daughter time. After we left the Café we started walking down the street talking and as we were passing another Café, Mom said: “DO you want some more coffee?”
 “YES!”  And so we ordered two more cups of coffee and another slice of  pastel de tres leches (3-milk cake). We sipped our coffee and shared our slice of amazing cake. We giggled feeling silly and just plain wonderful!  After we left there Mom said she knew of another Café that was new and really nice. And so we headed over there. This little Café had several tables and chairs and it was even closed in with glass windows so we could still see outside but couldn’t hear all the ruckus. I remember the smell of this coffee, it was strong and aromatic, and this time we had this delicious cheese cake to share, and memories to treasure for a lifetime of enjoyment!
   That night after the excitement of our little adventure died down, I was climbing the walls from all that caffeine but I wouldn’t trade that night for anything in the world!

                            The Most Wonderful Mommy in the world, along with Evie and I summer '08

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