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My Family
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Parenting Skills and Thrills, Making Memories and Memories Made: Part 2

Parenting Skills and Thrills
Making Memories and Memories Made
Part 2

  “Wear your Worth coat to go out” I told Nubun as he started to head outside to warm up the SUV. (He has a heavy coat with our church's logo on it)
    Jasmine poopied sometime last night and I didn’t find out till I took her diaper off this morning, her little bottom was bright red and hurting. I was so upset! The tube of store brand diaper rash ointment that we have is useless, I might as well be coating her with mud. Actually mud may do a better job! It is snowy, cold, and icy outside but Nubun is heading to the store to buy his baby some real rash ointment. He just came back inside.
“I forgot my wallet” he said then started looking for it talking about how cold it is outside. “Here, use my gloves’ I tell him.
“They’re too girlie” he says, but I convince him to anyways. Then I offered him my hat.
“NO! You crazy? That is waaay too girlie!”
He is such a good man, and Daddy too. Risking his life for the comfort of his little girls bottom.
  We were laughing the other day talking about some memories of his parents. What a thrill! I wouldn’t call it a skill, but definitely a thrill to hear. This one is about his Dad.
   When Nubun was a teenager growing up in Burleson he hung around the ‘egging’ group of kids in his neighborhood. They had just gotten back from egging a neighbor and he hid the leftover eggs in the bushes in his front yard then went up stairs to his room. It wasn’t long before the police came knocking at the Sangjun’s house. His Dad, (Boonmark) answered the door and was upset to see the cops there, Nubun knew exactly why they were there, and he hid out of site and was listening to their conversation. His blood was pumping fast and he was scared!
   The cops were telling his Dad that the neighbors were very upset about what Nubun had done and although they had called the cops that they didn’t want to “press charges”.
   It wasn’t a short conversation but Boonmark was seeing red! He was ANGRY! And Nubun was dreading facing his Dad. After the cops left Boonmark called Nubun down stairs. He was mad, he was livid!  And his English was not that good, so the only two words he got out of the cops conversation was: ‘Press Charges’ 
  “Nubun!” his Dad said: “Somebody stole my credit card and charged on it, and I know who it was!”
   Fortunately for Nubun, his Dad had totally misunderstood the cops and thought that when they said ‘charges’ they were talking about somebody had ‘charged’ on his credit card.
   Later on his Dad went outside and happened to find the little bundle of eggs Nubun had hidden in the bushes. He called Nubun once again. “Nubun, don’t touch those eggs. Some bird must have laid them here and if you touch them the mother bird won’t come back and they won’t hatch.”
   I have been told by a couple of friends that I need to write a conclusion to this story, so here it is. Actually there are two conclusions.
     Nubun was not a Christian back then but he did know better then to egg somebodies house, and although his Dad to this day does not know the truth about what happened that day long ago with the cops, there is a consequence to sin and you will get by with only so much before your sin, whatever it may be, will find you out.
  And if you are a parent and somebody comes to your house especially if they are cops, pay attention to what they are saying, and if you don't understand, ask questions. Don't jump to conclusions!.
     Stay warm folks. it's cold out there
                                            My Father in Law holding Evie Dec. 2010
                                                       He is such a good Grandpa!                              

Here he is holding Jasmine on the same day.
His granddaughters really love him!

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