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My Family
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Friday, January 6, 2012

My Happy New Year and fair-well 2011 letter

   Dear Everybody who reads this, 

   Wow! Well, happy new year! I hope you had a great start to a great year. You know how some people send out Christmas letters instead of Christmas cards? They recount on the year what all they have been up to? Well, this is my happy new years letter, farewell to 2011. 
   2011 was an eventful year, to say the least. Nubun and I have been busy with our growing little family. We started off the New Year getting snowed in (Texas style) for three days and while we were stuck in the house we found out we were pregnant with our third child! At the time I was still seeing my OBGYN and was considering finding another when the cascade of events started. I changed my OB doctor for Certified Nurse Midwives at Harris hospital and eventually to the care of a Certified Professional Midwife, Ann Crowell, at a free standing birth center, Gentle Beginnings Birth Center. We were both very happy and satisfied with our care there.  
      I made many new friends this last year a lot of it was revolving around preparations for a natural healthy birth and baby. Nubun and I took natural birthing classes (with Donna Ryan) and totally relearned the way birth can go. I do not want to dote too much on this subject but I'll just say we learned that birth is part of life, and God made a woman's body to birth safely if left alone so the body can do its job.  
   On October 23rd my water broke at home, and 3 hours later Colleen was born in the birthing tub, at the birth center, into her Daddy's hands.  I'm still get chills thinking abou
t that day! She was 8lbs 14ozs and 20 and a half inches long. 
    Two days later our dog Bella had her puppies and we got some wonderful pictures of all 7 of our newborns! 
  I learned what the word 'Crunchy' means to the health nuts out there. I learned how to spell Wednesday. 'Wed-nes-day'.  And I learned what the difference between 'then' and 'than' is.  
I also learned the great advantages of chiropractic care and good natural supplements. (thanks Dr Taylor!)
 Evie's favorite thing to do is still 'hang' on the couch, literally hang half on half off the couch, bed or anything that's available, she has become quite the little artist, too  coloring, painting, doing crafts, she also loves to dress up like a little pretty princess. Jasmine has similar interests mainly because she likes to ape her big sister. Jasmine likes to drink water,  and carry her sippy cup around. She has the Bob Patterson water bug--which makes me so proud! She is such a sweet two year old and she loves to cuddle! All three of my girls enjoy cuddling.  Jasmine has graduated to Mrs Sheila's Sunday school class, the big girls class, and Evie sang in the primary choir for Christmas last year. I was soooooo PROUD! Colleen loves it when we make eye contact with her and talk in a girly girly kind of voice. She is such an easy going gentle baby. Thank the Lord for all of my little girls. 
  Nubun finally got first shift at his job at Alcon, and what a blessing it has been! He has totally turned into a morning person. And his new thing now a days is a juice diet,  out of fresh produce.  We both love drinking juice, I think my kids would prefer drinking bleach. 
   It's also been a sad year, we have lost some friends and family that were near and dear to our hearts. At the beginning of the year we lost Mrs Colleen Bond (we named our baby after her), brother Lyle McCoy, and a great aunt of ours, aunt Viola at 102 years of age. Also my great aunt Erlene Jackson. 
  December was great! Mainly because we are all Christmas fruitcakes but also we had an unexpected blessing on Christmas day, I ran into an old friend at church I hadn't seen in 11 years and had totally lost all contact with! That was so cool!  Also in December another old friend of ours found us through FaceBook we had also lost all contact with her for almost 5 years.
  It's always a good year when my whole family gets together! My brother and his family, my Mom and sister Sarah came up here to visit. We had a little family party over here at my house where we broke not one but two piñatas! One by hitting it with a stick while blind folded and the other one by dropping it....  
   It was a good year, God blessed in so many different ways. Nubun and I have learned so much and have grown as a couple. Thank the Lord for all His goodness and mercy He shows toward us everyday!
  You all have a wonderful year and may God bless each and every one of you.

With love,
The Sangjun family


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